Rahela Automobiles

In 2002, we launched Rahela Automobiles, our flagship branch dedicated to the meticulous manufacturing and blending of various lubricating greases, brake fluids, hydraulic oils, and engine oils. Our relentless commitment to maintaining the highest quality standards ensures that Rahela Automobiles delivers premium-grade products trusted by an extensive range of vehicle owners, from motorbike enthusiasts to operators of heavy-duty vehicles.

RM Trading

RM Trading, established in 2008, stands as a testament to our dedication to empowering the vibrant community of motorbike enthusiasts in Bangladesh. As a prominent importer of motorbike spare parts and accessories, RM Trading serves as the ultimate destination for bikers, offering a comprehensive range of products and serving as a one-stop solution for all their needs. Our unwavering focus on quality and customer satisfaction has cemented RM Trading's position as a trusted partner in the biking community.

RM Automobiles

In 2016, RM Automobiles achieved a significant milestone by securing the exclusive distributorship of Malaysian Lubricant Hi-Power and Power Up in Bangladesh. This strategic partnership enabled us to introduce high-quality engine oils for both two and four-wheelers, including our proprietary brand, "Ravo X," sourced from UAE, China, and Malaysia. Additionally, RM Automobiles proudly imports European Motul Lubricants, further solidifying our reputation as a premier importer of automotive lubricants in Bangladesh.

Noor Trading

The year 2024 marked a new chapter in our journey with the launch of Noor Trading, our latest division dedicated to elevating industry standards. As the exclusive distributor of the world-renowned Spanish lubricant brand, REPSOL, Noor Trading brings the finest quality engine oils adhering to European standards to Bangladesh. With a legacy of countless MotoGP victories, REPSOL lubricants are now accessible to bike riders and enthusiasts across the nation, setting a new benchmark for excellence in automotive lubrication.