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POWER-UP FULLY SYNTHETIC  5W-30 API SN/CJ4 is a premium Petrol & diesel engine oil with M.A.S (Metal Treatment ,Additive & Synthetic) Formula .It provides exceptional protection against engine wear for premium Petrol & diesel engine oils. The metal treatment will penetrate into micro-pores of the metal surface to form a tough low friction shield to protect metal from wear approximately 4 to 5 times better as compared to other engine oils. POWER-UP 5W-40 SN/CJ4 Fully Synthetic is a state of the art technology formulation specially designed to meet the requirements of Euro 4 & Euro 5 compliment heavy-duty diesel engines. Its higher viscosity index helps provide better protection during start up as oil able to reach all parts of the vehicle at shortest time possible.



  • Highly recommended for petrol & diesel engines.
  • New formulation for improved protection for Euro 3, Euro 4 (ACEA E7) & Euro 5 engines.
  • Suitable choice for long –hauls and mixed vehicle fleets.
  • Meet the US 2002 and Euro 3 & 4 emissions legislation.
  • Reduces contamination by soot, which causes wear & oil thickening.
  • Higher TBN reduces acid formulation, corrosion and sludge which cause components corrosion & wear.
  • Reduces combustion acids from the use of exhaust gas recirculation which results in corrosion & short oil life.
  • Superb anti –foam performance important for engine oil use as hydraulic fluid in the fuel injection engine (for the purpose of reducing weight).
  • Need less oil to protect engine for engine with smaller oil sumps (for the purpose of reducing weight).
  • Ensuring high level of protection requiring low emission and severe duty engine.
  • Suitable for engines requiring.
  • Highly recommended for DOHC or GDI engines that are commonly found in latest European & Japanese models.
  • Highly recommended for vehicles of today installed with Diesel particulate filters (DPFs) and three way catalysts (TWC).





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