Light liquid paraffin – mostly used in as Liquid Paraffin’s, Paraffin Oils, Ointments, Creams, Lotions, Hair Oils, Perfumery Compounds, Aerosols, Light Liquid paraffin IP, Light Liquid paraffin BP, Light Liquid Paraffin USP, Used in Pharmaceutical industries, Medical formulations, Egg preservative, Hair cream, Incense and perfume manufacturers, Baby oil, Baby cream, Skin ointment, Used in Cosmetic industries, For facial creams and lotions, Protective coating for fruits and vegetables, Mosquito repellent cream etc.


Made In : Dubai


Light Liquid Paraffin Oil Products are used in as:


  • Used in Pharmaceutical industries
  • Medical formulations
  • Egg preservative
  • Hair cream
  • Incense and perfume manufacturers
  • Baby oil
  • Baby cream
  • Skin ointment
  • Used in Cosmetic industries
  • For facial creams and lotions
  • Protective coating for fruits and vegetables
  • Mosquito repellent cream



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