High performance semi synthetic hydraulic oil for wide temperature ranges Hydraulic oil VG 68 AWS are premium quality hydraulic oils. Generally it is widely use in the field of industrial hydraulic and fluid power lubrication. They consist of special anti wear and a shear stable viscosity index improver to enhance and maintain excellent viscosity temperature characteristics. Recommended for CATERPILAR, KOMATSU, SUMITOMO, KATO, JCB, MITSUBISHI, KOBELCO…etc.



  1. Possess excellent oxidation resistance and stability to provide long service life without formation of sludge and deposits, prevent blocking of ports, valves and controls.
  2. Superior anti rust properties protects against rusting and metal surfaces.
  3. Good water separation and rapid air release properties.
  4. ISO VG 68 AWS Standards.
  5. AFNOR NF E48-603 HV.
  6. DIN 51524 Part III HVLP.
  7. ISO 6743/4 HV.
  8. VICKERS M -2950S-1-286.
  9. Exceed Komatsu heavy machinery & equipment requirement.



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