HI-POWER 20W -50 API CI4/SL is state of the art technology formulation specially designed to meet the requirements of Euro 4 and Euro 5 compliant heavy duty diesel engines. Its higher viscosity index helps to provide better protection during start up as oil is able to reach all parts at shortest time possible. It provides high durability of protection and oil-life which offers additional benefits to operators of vehicles fitted with exhaust particulate filters. Higher base number of the products neutralizes acidic materials created during fuel combustion resulting in better protection from corrosion & reduction in sludge formation.


  1. Ensures optimum protection on metal components.
  2. Reduces wear in moving parts.
  3. Ensures longer components life.
  4. Restores operating efficiency.
  5. Provides cleaner, cooler and quieter moving components.
  6. Improves performances.


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