HI-POWER RADIATOR COOLANT is formulated to a high level of protection against leaking. The automobile cooling system (Both radiator and engine) which have been treated with this coolant will be extremely inert to corrosion, pitting and overheating problems. This will extend the life span of the automobile radiator and engine parts. Ideal for both air –conditioned vehicles.


  1. Prevents rust, corrosion and oxidation.
  2. Prolongs life of engine radiator.
  3. Prevents engine radiator over-heating.
  4. Keeps engine & radiator operating at lower temperature.
  5. Buffers the acidity of the engine coolant.
  6. Raises the boiling point of the engine coolant.
  7. Ideal for both air-conditioned and non air conditioned automobiles.
  8. Provides lubrication to the oil seals.
  9. Conditions oil seals.
  10. Extends the life of radiator & engine.



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