HI-POWER GEAR OIL SAE 80W-90 EP GL4 is a multi- grade automotive gear lubricants with extreme pressure additive and consisting of premium synthetic base oils . It is reinforced with friction modifiers and other additives to produce an extra ordinary gear lubricant .It is a high grade premium gear lubricant manufactured from selected highly refined bade oil .Specially made for use in automotive gears , particularly hypoid gear units , heavy duty industrial type enclosed gear units , steering gears and fluid lubricated universal joints of automotive equipment where limited slip properties are required .It is highly recommended for a wide range of temperature operation between -25 °C to 180°C .Recommended shelf life is 3 to 3 ½ years .


  1. Excellent protection against extreme pressure.
  2. Superior protection against wearing and scoring produced by high speed, low speed and heavy loads.
  3. Recommended for a wide variety of application and service conditions.
  4. Reduces cost by increasing the life span of the gear lubricants.
  5. Superior sulfur & phosphorus additives ;
  6. Superior protection against corrosion, rusting & staining and corrosion.


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