HI –POWER AUTOMETIC TRANMISSION FLUID DEXRON-III & POWER STEERING FLUID consists of high quality paraffinic base oil and additive system to provide excellent foam resistance, corrosion anti wear protection .It is reinforced with specially selected friction modifiers to meet the demanding frictional requirements of the automatic transmission .Shelf life provided is 3 to 3 ½ years .


  1. Ensures ling servicing life.
  2. Provides high form stability.
  3. Superb anti-wear properties.
  4. Smoother & quieter automatic transmission.
  5. Excellent frictional, oxidative and thermal stability.
  6. Provides anti rust protection and lower sludge formation.
  7. Provides good start operation in cold climates by low temperature fluidity.
  8. Equivalent to shell Donax TM/PETRONAS ATF  Dexron III.



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