HI-POWER 20w-50 Semi Synthetic API CF4/SL engine oil is a premium quality product that is suitable for diesel, gasoline and gasohol powered engines. lt contains highly effective dispersal inhibitor that controls sludge and other contaminants generated during common urban stop -and -go or short trip driving conditions .Only highly stable viscosity index improve is used in the formulation of this engine oil to provide consistent viscosity at high temperature, as it has the benefit of high shear stability .It consists of anti-wear active ingredient to protect metal surfaces under high load, high speed and high temperature engine operations. It provides excellent reduction in consumption of engine oil by maintaining its viscosity at high temperature .It is manufactured with high safety measure and quality control according to ISO 9001:2008 standard .Recommended shelf is 3 to 3 ½ year.


  1. Recommends for older or ling haul vehicles.
  2. Ensures higher engine performance and power.
  3. Reduction oil burning by maintaining higher viscosity when engine is hot.
  4. High thermal stability fir high temperature turbo protection.
  5. Reduces oxidation during engine operation.
  6. Recommended approximately 5,000 km per oil change (This is subjected to engine in good condition, for worn out engine shorter mileage per oil change).
  7. Reduces carbon, acid and sludge formations.
  8. Protects against engine internal corrosion.
  9. Keep engine running clean and efficient.


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