HI-POWER 20W-50 API CK4 is a new technology, Semi synthetic, heavy duty diesel engine lubricant designed to meet the increasing demands of low-emissions vehicles. Growing engine and exhaust system complexity to meet ever- tighter emissions legislation, such as Euro 4, is creating new challenges for vehicle manufactures and prompting a fundamental change in lubrication technology. The incoming Euro 4 emission legislation requires the levels of harmful microscopic particulates and nitro us oxides (NOX) emitted from a vehicle to be significantly reduced. By October 2005, all new on highway heavy duty vehicles must meet the standard and most will be fitted with either a diesel particulate filter (DPE) or selective catalytic reduction device (SCR).


  1. Superb protection for Euro 3, Euro 4(ACEA E7) & Euro 5 engine.
  2. Exceeds latest industry & OEM standards (API CI-4).
  3. Feasible for long haul and mixed vehicle fleets.
  4. Increases oil life, wear protection and soot – dispersancy.
  5. Meet the US 2002 and Euro 3 & 4 emissions legislation.
  6. Reduces contamination by soot, which causes wear & oil thickening.
  7. Reduces acid formation corrosion and sludge which leads to components corrosion & wear.
  8. Lower down combustion acids from the use of exhaust gas re circulation which results in corrosion & short oil life.
  9. Superb anti –foam performance important for engine oil use as hydraulic fluid in the fuel injection engine (for the purpose of reducing weight).
  10. Exceeds the ACEA E5, E7 limit of ring water.
  11. Provides superb wear protection with low emission especially with heavy duty engines.
  12. Highly recommended for American and European engines from Cummins and Mack.


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